Well, I took a test today.. thats bout it. Here it goes, but of course, jus my luck, it doesnt work!! grrr.. well, Jason is at his dad's house rite now for a late Thanksgiving dinner. So, I jus finished mah homework, and now I am jus hangin round. So, I am jus gonna go hang around some more, and maybe fix my AOL profile! seeya lata

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Craaazi Weekend

Phew! What a hectic and crazy weekend! Here it goes:

[x] Wednsday ~
    EVERYONE and I do mean EVERYONE was getting me sooo p/o at skool! I really cannot wait till I graduate! Bordentown has to be the worst town to live in. It's just filled with big mouth hoes who don't know how to mind their own business, but enuff of that. After my suck ass day at skool, I went to work with Jason! It was fun acually cuz Kelli was there! When we got there, Kelli and I drove to the bank, and lemme tell you, I thought I was going to die! She is the most INSANE driver I have ever met! -LoL- She had such road rage, and beeped at like every possible person who was on Rt. 130! -LoL- When we went to the bank, some lesbian old lady kept staring at us! Yea, kinda scary. When we were heading back, she had more road rage, and THANK GOD we made it bak to work safely! -LoL- But, yea Kelli left a lil bit after that, and then Jason let me drive his car to get some dinner and then we ate it. I had the salad bar at Shop Rite! mmmmm!! yummy! That was good! Then it was time to acually get to work! I had to rearrange and fill all the kids shoes which took me 3 freakin hours! geez! But, i dont mind doing it cuz as sad as it sounds, i acually have fun... but I had to do that all because the next day was Thanksgiving, so nobody would be there the next day, and then the day after that was black friday, so everything had to be perfect. After that, Jason took me home and he headed home and we went to sleep.

[x] Thursday ~
     TURKEY DAY... Well, I woke up in the morning early cuz we had a football game! ugh! We ended up loosing anyway, to like the WORST skool around, so that means we are the worst skool, beczuse we were the second worst skool, and then we lost, so that makes us the worst skool, like we have been the history of the damn town!! ugh! But, after that, I had to help my mom get the table set and all that jazz for the dinner! My mom-mom, uncle buff, and his girlfriend (chris), and her parents (Mrs. Carty and Mary Ellen) came over and we ate. After we ate, Jason called me and told me Vickie and Mike were pickin me up, so they picked me up and I went down to his Aunt Meta's house. It was pretty fun although we were allergic to the cats! -LoL- I ate Vickies *DELICIOUS* choc-pudding pie! Yummy! Then we left a lil after that and went to his Aunt Nancy's. I saw Ceiara's boyfriend for the first time, and he sooo does not look his age, but thats a diff. story. We went bak down to his grandmom's and I stayed over there for the nite.

[x] Friday ~
     BLACK FRIDAY... I slept in and I got a good nite's sleep. Jason had to go to work, so we had to get ready rite away. We went bak to bordentown, but then got a call from Kelli that Margarita called out late, so we had to go in. When we got there Kelli and I went to the bank again... -LoL- and still a crazzi driver, we made it to there. But, when we were stopped at the lite, 3 guys that I know, who will remain *NAMELESS* started waving to Kelli and wanted her number. We went into the bank, did what we had to, and then when we were walking to the car, 2 old trailer trash guys in a station wagon started barking at her! -LMAO- It was the funniest thing!!! hahaha! That made her more mad, so yes more road rage. We made it bak and then I went on a break to go shopping! I bought ornaments at Kohl's for me and Jason's tree, and then I went to Wal-Mart to get mugs for my mom, mom-mom, and chris. Then I came bak, worked for a lil bit, and then Jason and I went out to Villa Manino's to eat. When we came bak, Vince was there so I jus sat around. Everyone left, and It was just Jason and I and we jus hung out cuz it was not busy at all. Vickie and Mike stopped by and then after we closed, we went to Ruby Tuesday's for dessert with his Dad, Vickie, Mike, and Rachel. I jus had moz. sticks, and then we left. I went to bed and thats it.

[x] TODAY ~
    SHOPPING! I woke up early so Jason and I could go shopping. We went all over! and this is what i got so far :
   *Mom- Mug, Candle Lamp & gift card
   *Dad- Car was gift box, Dale Jarret stocking & gift card
   *Mom.Mom- Mug, ornament & picture
   *Uncle Buff- Barbaque set
   *Chris- Mug & Picture
   *Tommy- IOU: PS2
   *Jason- Golf Clubs
   *Mr. Alm- Fishing stuff & gift card
   *Cheryl- Cocoa gift set, candles & choco bag
   *Rachel- B&BW set, Spray & Lotion, & Candles.
And, thats so far. I still have my friends left, and Vickie, Mike, and Donny! So thats all the happened this weekend! phew!

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